What is Yoga?

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Yoga can be both a mental & physical practice which deals with various aspects of the human body and mind.  It is a beautiful discipline that aims to bring good health to the individual. The word 'Yoga' derives from the Sanskrit root ‘yoke’ which means to join.  This simply means the focus and aim of Yoga is to attain a state of union or balance where the mind is completely unaffected by both internal and external factors.  Also it just means trying to be a healthier and happier individual and trying to create more calm and peace in our lives.   
There are different forms of Yoga which deal with the different qualities and characteristics of a person.  The style of Yoga Smiley Tummy provides is structured and concise, it is a combination of Hatha & Iyengar Yoga. The postures help to bring strength and flexibility to the body.  They are also designed to work different areas of the body in order to bring a well-rounded and holistic approach to maintaining good health.
The positions aim to massage the internal organs and flush out the toxins within them.  Hatha Yoga is rejuvenating, helping to keep the body youthful.  It does this by creating and maintaining suppleness within the body, allowing blood and oxygen to flow effectively around the joints and ligaments.
Key benefits:
• Detoxifying the body and mind
• Increasing overall strength
• More energy
• Stress relief
• Increasing the body’s range of movement
• Greater flexibility
• Improving posture
• A better understanding of how your body works
Links to Yoga videos: