Food preparation

How food is prepared also makes all the difference with regards to the impact it has on our digestion. For example food which are fried in lots of oil (deep fat fried) will have a negative consequence such as increasing acidity levels. For a healthy digestion you should cook your food by  baking, boiling, pan frying with a little oil (rapeseed oil is recommended as is has a high burning point) or steaming. Another way to prepare food is by using an air fryer, which is great for people who enjoy chips/French fries. Air fryers only require a small amount of oil and it generates hot air to cook the food.     

When using salt please try to avoid using table salt. Sea salt, rock salt and Himalayan salt is best. It is important to make sure when using salt that it is rubbed into the food or it has dissolved completely. This way it is easier on the digestion and helps the body to assimilate the salt more efficiently. Raw coarse salt can aggravate digestion, especially people who have ulcers. It is like putting salt on a open wound. 

If your someone who like crisps and snacking then buying snacks made for small children / toddlers is great option but please make sure it has no artificial colours or flavours and also make sure they are baked or air dried.