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  1. What is Smiley Tummy?
  2. Who is Smiley Tummy for?  
  3. Free trial & membership
  4. Refunds & cancellations
  5. Yoga
  6. Meditation & mindfulness
  7. Massage 
  8. Food & diet
  9. Digital downloads  
  10. Content   
  11. Members benefits
  12. Payment methods



Section 1. What is Smiley Tummy?  

Smiley Tummy is a holistic web based application, this means you can access our services via your web browser.  


Section 2. Who is Smiley Tummy for?  

Smiley Tummy is designed to try and help people with IBS, Crohn's & Colitis. If you are trying to improve your overall digestion then Smiley Tummy may prove beneficial. People who also just want to improve their overall wellbeing and learn to cope with stress and anxiety better may also find Smiley Tummy a useful service. It is focused around holistic living. Please watch our animation for more information.  


Section 3. Free trial & membership  

We offer a 5 day free trial to customers. The free trial is there just to allow you, the customer, to see if Smiley Tummy is something you might feel to be worthwhile for your wellbeing. Our memberships are yearly and billed yearly.  


Section 4. Refunds & cancellations   

During your free trial you can cancel your membership and you will not be charged. You are only charged once the free trial is over. Please read our terms & conditions for full details.  


Section 5. Yoga  

Smiley Tummy provides yoga videos for people to follow at their own convenience. We have tried to provide videos to cater for different levels (beginner, intermediate, strong intermediate)  

What is yoga?  

Yoga is a physical and mental practice designed to help create strength, flexibility and a feeling of calmness and relaxation within the body and mind.  

What style of yoga is it?  

It is a mixture of Hatha & Iyengar – a slow, structured and controlled practice   

When should I practice yoga? 

Anytime that suits you but you should practice yoga on a empty stomach, which is normally at least 2 hours since your last meal.  

Can anyone practice yoga?    

Yes but how much and what, depends on your health. It is always best to consult your medical professional if you are not sure about something.  

Key benefits:
• Detoxifying the body and mind
• Increasing overall strength
• More energy
• Stress relief
• Increasing the body’s range of movement
• Greater flexibility
• Improving posture
• A better understanding of how your body works


Section 6. Meditation & mindfulness   

What is meditation & mindfulness?  

Practicing mindfulness is about learning to develop the awareness of being present in the moment, being fully engaged in what is happening right now and not being affected by internal or external distractions. Meditation is a mental practice, which can help create mindfulness. It is about learning to discipline the thoughts and emotional responses, which may provide a healthier internal environment for training the mind to be more relaxed, have greater clarity and more compassion for yourself and others. Just like any other activity the more you are regular with it the more you increase the chances of improving, so it is the same with meditation. Working the brain muscles in a certain way regularly may help prove beneficial for your mind and wellbeing. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and it has stood the test of time for good reason, which is that we all want to be happier, healthier and have better control over this complex mind of ours.   

When should I practice meditation?  

Sunrise or sunset is best but really its whenever you have the time. You are more likely to be regular with your practice if you do it at the same time everyday. So just choose a time that works for you.  

Where should I meditate?  

Anywhere you are relaxed and have the chance to switch off. 


Section 7. Massage 

Smiley Tummy provides a guide for the practise of self abdominal massage but please read the contraindications on the Massage page and consult your medical professional if you have any concerns before you commence. 

When & where should self abdominal massage be carried out? 

Self abdominal massage should be done on an empty stomach, so ideally about 2 hours after a meal, in the evening or first thing in the morning. We recommend that you carry out the massage where you are most comfortable and able to relax such as lying down in bed. It can also be done sitting on the toilet during a bowel movement. Please see the Massage page for more on this. 

How often should self abdominal massage be done? 

When you are comfortable doing this massage it can be carried out daily but not more than once a day. Please check the contraindications on the Massage page.  

What are the benefits of self abdominal massage? 

Self abdominal massage can help to improve your digestion and relieve constipation by encouraging the movement of stools through your colon. It can also help to release gas and stomach cramps and through improved relaxation of the abdomen it can be stress relieving. See more details about the benefits on the Massage page. 


Self- help Reflexology 

Reflexology is a massage using pressure points on the hands or feet which correspond to organs, systems and parts of the body, stimulating them so that they each work at their optimum and thus helping to create balance within the body.  It is a technique which can aid health, encourage relaxation, prevent stress and disease, reduce pain and improve quality of life by unblocking energy channels and activating the body’s own healing mechanisms.


Section 8. Food & diet  

The Smiley Tummy diet is all about creating a more alkaline friendly environment within your body. The foods that we recommend may help to reduce acidity levels and decrease inflammation within the digestive system. Reducing acidity and inflammation may help to improve your digestion and your overall wellbeing.  

Smiley Tummy focuses on using fresh ingredients and cooking in a healthy way using good oils and little salt.  


Section 9. Digital downloads  

We have made some of our content downloadable, such as the guided meditations and abdominal massage audio. The audios are in MP3 format.  We give you two chances to download the digital content which are for sale. It is advised that you download any content to your desktop / laptop before transferring it over to your smart devices. The reason for this is that some smart devices might not be compatible with our downloads.   


Section 10. Content  

We are planning to add more content as time goes on such as adding new recipes and more digital content.  


Section 11. Members benefits

Only members can have access to Smiley Tummy content & services such as guided meditations, yoga videos and recipes


Section 12. Payment methods

For membership subscriptions we currently only facilitate payments through PayPal. For payments for downloads we accept Visa, MasterCard's, Amex & PayPal.


Please email us at contact@smileytummy.com if you need more help with your query