Lifestyle tips

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Lifestyle tips 

Managing diet, stress and energy levels more effectively & efficiently


This page is all about providing tips on how to attain a balance on a day to day basis. 

Learning to manage our energy and stress levels can help us to attain a 'Smiley Tummy'. 


  • The first point I would like to start with is learning to say  'no'. We can get into a habit of taking on more than we have time and energy for. By saying yes to more we are giving up on our quality of life, which means less sleep, more stress and less time for ourselves. We have to learn to have confidence to say 'no', because in reality what is the worst that will happen? By being more confident we will develop more respect for ourselves. By saying 'no' we can learn to give more skillfully (less is more), we might end up doing less but the quality can be greater.  Start to practice with small things to build confidence and gradually try to build on it.   


  • Try to work less and spend more time on you, learn to give to yourself more and by doing so people around you will benefit. If you're healthier and happier that will rub off on others.   


  • Reduce the clutter in your life and you will feel lighter and happier. The less things we have the less we have to worry about it. By decluttering we can help to create more space for new things to enter into our lives. Allow someone else to enjoy the things you do not need anymore. 


  • Try to adopt a minimalist approach to living. Try to distinguish between what you want in life with what you need, and learn to reduce your expenses on things you do not need. This way when you have a treat it will feel more special. 


  • Always try to have 8 hours of sleep a night. This is vital for healthy digestion. If you do not manage to get full night sleep then:  
  • catch up during the day or have an early night. 
  • Try to minimise your output. 
  • Learn to recuperate your energy throughout the day and ensure you eat healthily
  • Learn to say 'no' 


  •  Avoid being in the sun for too long. Getting overheated will increase the levels of acidity within our bodies. This is more important for people with Crohn's & colitis. As it is an IBD / inflammatory bowel disease, anything which creates too much heat will have an adverse effect on digestion. It is best to wait for sunset to enjoy the outdoors or around the time of sunrise. People with IBS do not have to be too strict with this unless you are suffering from diarrhea. If you're losing fluids then being in the sun will make you more dehydrated. People who suffer from constipation can afford to be in the sun for a bit it can help, but of course always take caution and drink plenty of water or coconut water.     


  • Try to avoid having technology in the bedroom and no technology 40 mins before bedtime (this includes TV, phones, tablets, internet). If the brain is overstimulated then it will need time to process the information in order to have restful sleep.