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Welcome to Smiley Tummy...... 

Smiley Tummy is a UK based family run company, it is a holistic website application designed to aid people who suffer from either IBS, Crohn's or colitis.  

It provides a holistic frame work for people to work within. Offering holistic tools that may help improve their digestion.   

This tools are dietary guidelines, tasty recipes, yoga, guided meditation, self massage techniques, exercise and lifestyle tips and information on nutrition.  

More you are discipline with the framework than more it may help improve your digestion, helping to give you a Smiley Tummy 

Mindfulness is about learning to develop awareness of being present in the moment, being fully engaged in what is happening right now and not being affected by internal or external distractions. Meditation is a mental practice, which can help create mindfulness. It is about learning to discipline thoughts and emotional responses. Developing mindfulness may help us have a greater understanding of how our body and mind works. Increasing our overall awareness may give us the ability to know how, why and when our digestive system reacts in a positive or negative way.


Hansraj Ramlugun 

Hansraj is both a qualified yoga teacher and  Ayurvedic practitioner with over 8 years experience in the field.

He completed his yoga training in India and completed his Ayurvedic training in London.   

He was diagnosed with Crohn's and colitis in the year 2000 when he was 21 years of age and diagnosed with posttraumatic stress in 2010.

After experiencing many flare ups he decided that he needed to take drastic measures in order to improve his health, due to also suffering from regular anxiety attacks from a young age he knew he needed to adopt a more holistic way of living in order to try to attain a healthier state of existence.   

Hansraj discovered that a poor diet and high levels of stress had a negative impact on his digestion, so he knew these areas needed addressing. Through regular meditation, a balanced yoga routine and a good healthy balance diet he started to feel that his conditions started to pacify and began to feel he had more confidence over his health.  

He designed Smiley Tummy based on his own experience, which has worked for him and also based it on the Ayurvedic & Yogic principles to good health and hopes people will also benefit from this holistic approach.  

Here is a short video about how a holistic approach helped Hansraj manage his health.



The Smiley Tummy yoga videos & guided meditations are guided by Hansraj.

Holistic consultant
Suzannah Ramlugun

Suzannah is a complementary therapist, passionate about improving the wellbeing of her clients through the therapeutic touch of holistic treatments such as massage and reflexology.  She first qualified in 2006 with diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology and Holistic Massage and continued with more training, gaining further qualifications including Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Japanese Holistic Facial Therapy, Seated Acupressure and Reflexology, amongst other advanced techniques from the East and West.
Suzannah has worked extensively in the UK, France and Japan, treating clients in office, clinic, health club and well being spa settings as well as in the luxury of their own homes.

Suzannah and Hansraj first started their partnership when they met as colleagues working at an Ayurvedic spa in London, in 2008, sharing their interests in holistic lifestyle and wellbeing.

Suzannah contributes to Smiley Tummy with her knowledge and experience in treating clients with different health conditions and from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

The Smiley Tummy self-massage audio is guided by Suzannah.