Constipation flare up

IBS flare up

Managing diet, stress and energy levels more effectively & efficiently 

Constipation flare up: 

  • Do a yoga routine daily with a minimum of 10 mins relaxation at the end.  
  • Meditate at least 10mins a day.  
  • Follow the guided audio for self stomach massage but please read the contraindications first - only do it every day until the symptoms have pacified  
  • Go for a nice gentle walk (ideally in the park or somewhere with nice natural surroundings).  
  • Watch programmes / movies that are happy and positive  
  • No technology 40 mins before bedtime – follow the guided meditation for sleep  

Foods & drinks: 

  • Drink plenty of water 
  • warm herbal teas: fresh mint, peppermint, chamomile (try to have one after each main meal) 
  • Breakfast – porridge (non dairy milk) with oat, rice or coconut milk 
  • Apple and ginger juice at breakfast or lunch   
  • The date and oat milk drink but have it warmed up – have this before bedtime  



Main meals:

  • Warm soups, fresh salads 
  • Seafood (baked, grilled or steamed) / Chicken and turkey (baked, grilled or steamed), white meat only with no skin with potatoes with basmati rice or potatoes (boiled or mash) and lots of vegetables (baked, grilled or steamed) artichoke, asparagus , bitter melon, broccoli , brussels sprouts, cabbage , cauliflower, celery , cilantro, cucumber, dandelion greens , fennel (anise) , green beans , ginger (small amounts) jerusalem artichoke , kale, leafy greens, leeks (cooked), lettuce , mushrooms, okra, black olives, parsley, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, sweet tomatoes / cooked is best (cherry, sweet plum tomatoes) 



  • Dessert – apple or pear crumble from the recipe page  
  • Treats – dates (no more than 3 a day). If your someone who like crisps and snacking than getting stuff made for small children / toddlers is great option but please make sure it has no artificial colours or flavours and also make sure they are baked or air dried.