My digestion and I......


My story started from an early age, I used to always suffer from a bloated tummy and experience sharp pain relating to trapped gas. 

As a child we moved around a lot, I was born in the UK and when I was 6 years old we moved to Mauritius, which is where my family is from. During our time in Mauritius we moved from place to place and never really having the opportunity to become settled.  

According to the science of Ayurveda Vata dosha, the element of space & air that resides in the body, increases with movement. Excess Vata can create more gas within the body and it can also increase anxiety levels. Anxiety can have a negative impact on our digestion. 

As a child I also remember being of a nervous disposition, always fearing the worst and worrying about this that and other. The fear was the issue not what would actually happen because when the thing you fear happens you do not worry about it as much anymore and you just try to deal with it.  

I always remember anytime I felt stress I would immediately feel it in my digestion, the gut reaction would almost be instant. 

Due to having lots of excitable energy I used to get carried away and overly excited about things. Unfortunately in the past that led to me getting ahead of myself and I would end up becoming overwhelmed by how much I have given myself to do. When I became overwhelmed my anxiety levels would shoot up and my digestion would begin to feel the strain. Unfortunately there were also times when I allowed my energy levels to deplete to unstainable levels, so with the combination of high anxiety levels, strained digestion and low energy levels ended up being a bad place to be.  I discovered that learning to slow down and meditating regularly really helped to bring more calmness into my life and more inner clarity, which enabled me to be a better decision maker.  

Being a yoga teacher I am learning that it is not about how many advanced postures you can do rather than what is practical, suitable and sustainable. Monitoring my energy levels after each practice ensuring I have not over done it, being aware on how I feel the next day and making sure I also give my body enough recovery time. 

When managing my health and my illness the 3 areas of management are STRESS, DIET & ENERGY LEVELS!!